Fun And Exciting Outdoor Games For Little Kids


Study shows that playing outdoor games for kids will give them plenty of benefits, from learning new things and boost their creativity to promote physical development, acquire social skills, to better overall health, and a lot more. As parents, we want them to enjoy being kids by letting them play outside with some fun and exciting outdoor games. Here, we’ve compiled a few that parents can employ to encourage independent outdoor play for their kids.

Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone

In this game, the child who portrays the Doggy turns around while someone tries to steal his bone, which can be any object. But with little kids, using a small toy bone might be easier for them to understand. Once the Doggy turns around, the other players attempt to look guilty while Doggy guesses who stole the bone. With little kids, give them enough time to guess until they get the right one. If Doggy picks the right person, then that child will be the next Doggy. For older kids, add a time limit or limit the number of guesses to make it more exciting.

Mother May I

In this game, the Mother stands with her back turned. She grants or denies requests to move forward. Mother May I work best with little kids that are too young to realize the inherent unfairness of this game. The mother may have her back turned, yet she most likely knows everybody by voice. In this way, she decides who wins or not.


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Digging for Dinosaurs

Bury toy dinosaur bones, or if you don’t have any, you can go for any other toy, and let the kids dig them out. You can add some cute prizes to whoever finds the toy first or a little punishment to those who find it last. Your kids will surely find the experience challenging.

Scavenger Hunts

Get your own backyard scavenger hunt checklists online, or make your own. Making your checklist has several benefits. First, you can have your yard customized. Second, you can invite your older kids involved in the game. Third, it allows your kids to learn how to create their version of games.


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Hula Hoop

This simple, classic outdoor game is ideal for little girls who love to hula hoop. Plus, this is a game that your kids can grow with. Not to mention, it can be a great way to do a basic exercise too.

Crayon Rubbings

You might have done the crayon rubbings before, and it’s time to pass this game on to your little ones. For those who haven’t done this before, the idea is to make unique designs using crayons. So first, you will need old crayons, then take a sheet of paper, sit it on a flat surface with an interesting texture, and then rub start rubbing the crayon with your favorite color over the paper. With various shapes and colors to choose from, kids will enjoy making their unique designs. You may also want to purchase the rubbing crayons, specially designed for this game for the modern parents who want to skip messing with the peeling of the paper.

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