The Best Outdoor Gift Ideas Under $250 For 2021


This year are going to be a lot different from everything else from 2020. A lot of us will prefer shopping online rather than going on trips to the malls to buy the perfect gifts for family and friends. Whether you are looking for a cool new gadget or device, or a sweet accessory, there is some good stuff here that ranges from $100 to $250 even for that difficult to shop. Here are the best gift ideas under $250 for any outdoor occasion.

Solo Stove Ranger

During the COVID-19 era, backyard fire pits have been a keystone for social activity, and this is the best of them. Built from durable stainless steel with a vented design that helps promote airflow, the Solo Stove Ranger produces a beautiful and profoundly warming fire with very little smoke or airborne ash. Available in three sizes, this Solo Stove is a slam dunk holiday gift for any fire pit enthusiast.

Photo from solostove.com


Kammok Bobcat Down Trail Quilt

You’ll see its true potential by opening the center of the Bobcat backpacking quilt. It has a 600-fill duck down insulated blanket that is warm and, weighing merely 20 ounces, light enough for camping or couch surfing. But what makes Bobcat an ideal accessory for hanging outside at the fire pit is the quilt’s poncho mode.

Photo from kammok.com


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Grouphug Window Solar Charger

There are lots of solar panels that are less expensive yet serve the same purpose as this one: capturing (and storing) the sun’s energy and making it accessible to any of your devices via a USB-C connection. But Grouphug’s Window Solar Charger is worthy of display, with its tasteful bamboo frame, handmade aesthetic, and transparent design. Plus, it comes with a 3,400-mAh rechargeable battery that takes a good long about 10 hours in direct sunlight to charge. But what’s the rush, though? Or, who’s in a hurry these days, anyway?

Photo from grouphugtech.com


Supernatural virtual reality workout (annual subscription)

If you think getting a real cardio workout in your cramped living room on a VR headset is impossible, then try Supernatural. Not only does it let you quickly set it straight, but the sets gamified choreographed workouts to popular music. But the quality and degree of immersion are distinctive, thanks to the Oculus Quest VR technology. Moreover, Supernatural continually updated the selection of workouts, ranging from meditative yoga sessions to something challenging cardio burners.

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Lumos Matrix smart bike helmet

If you are planning to maximize your visibility while riding a scooter, bike, or another personal transportation device, the Lumos Matrix is an excellent choice while ensuring that you will get noticed. On the front of this smart helmet is light on, while on its back is an LED matrix that is fully customizable via a companion app. From standard flashing red triangles to eye-catching patterns to short messages, scroll across the back of your head in ticker-tape fashion, this helmet has everything. Plus, it comes with a PacMan animation, too.

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